Environmental Society hosts Dr Stephen Wilson

On Wednesday 15th October, the Environmental Society hosted Dr Stephen Wilson, a chemist turned climate scientist.

Dr Steven Wilson Climate Change Talk 4

He gave a fascinating talk to girls from LC3 to SFC2, discussing his career and his researchin the Arctic and Antarctic. His talk was followed by a Q&A which enabled us ask Dr Wilson any further questions. Overall it was intriguing talk and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. 

It was very interesting to hear Dr Wilson’s perspective on issues such as climate change and biodiversity. Equally fascinating was the way his career shifted from science-based roles at the start, to one which is more holistic and humanities-based.

We extend our thanks to Dr Wilson for coming and presenting an interesting speech and we look forward to welcoming him back in the future. 

Katrina Beck (SFC2)

Dr Steven Wilson Climate Change Talk 6