Fame Lab Academy 2018

Fame Lab Academy is a science communication competition in which each contestant has just three minutes to present a topic of their choice to an audience. Props are allowed, but no PowerPoint presentations! To prepare for the competition 10 students attended and tremendously enjoyed a number of communication workshops on content, clarity and charisma. These workshops were fundamental to our understanding of communicating complicated information to a non-scientific audience. We can confidently say that, although the time commitment of one hour per week was small, the results were remarkable.

As the topics were entirely of our own choice, the talk titles we individually chose were personal, igniting our interest and curiosity throughout the process. When the final competition approached we invited many of our friends to support us, including our SFC1 mentors who helped us prepare for our speeches and even gave us sweets for encouragement.

The last minute jitters of anxiety never showed, as all of the contestants’ speeches were clear, interesting and enthusiastic with numerous moments of humour and audience participation. The judging panel consisted of the Education Manager from Cheltenham Festivals, who oversaw the competition, and a graduate trainee from EDF Energy, which also provided sponsorship. We also thank Mrs Oosthuizen for being a third judge.

Fame Lab Academy was a superb opportunity and we would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in science or wants to improve their communication skills in a fun yet competitive way. Learning about time-travel, chimeras, stardust and flying cars boosted our intellectual curiosity about everyday life. We are looking forward to supporting our winner Caley compete against 14 other local schools at the Gloucestershire Final in March.

Ashley and Valerie (LC3) - Runners up