CLC girl wins first place for ballet at the American Dance Awards

This summer I went to Orlando, Florida, to attend the American Dance Awards - an international dance competition - where I was part of a team representing China. I entered three solo pieces, along with three group dances. All three of my solo pieces achieved ultimate gold and my ballet piece was awarded first place.

This piece is called 'Don Quixote' and it is performed in pointe shoes. I was extremely nervous before it began, as the girl before me slipped on stage. Luckily, I was prepared and watched every step I took. This was a meaningful experience as I truly felt like a professional dancer, able to adapt to different situations. I was honoured to be awarded first place, along with a special award for expression.

My team was also a significant part of this trip. The competition welcomed us back as we represented China for the second time. We emphasised our culture in one of our group dances, 'The Sacred Passage of The Pearl River'. We danced this piece with traditional Chinese fans and it created a stunning effect and I felt that the audience was amazed. The music, costume and makeup were all inspired by the Chinese national dance style. The judges also enjoyed this piece as it was completely different from other group dances.

The American Dance Awards competition was definitely an extraordinary experience for me. I met many talented dancers, learnt lots of new choreography and bonded with my dance team.

Naomi Townsend (UC5)

Naomi Dance Sept 2018