Geography trip to Iceland

Iceland is one of the most fascinating countries in the world for geography students to visit, as it has volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, black sand beaches and a unique culture to experience.

We set off with 50 students from LC2, LC3 and UC4. On arrival, we jumped straight into our itinerary and students had their first experience of Icelandic weather, as they braved bitter cold wind and a sudden icy shower to walk in the rift between the Eurasian and North American plates, which are being pulled apart by tectonic forces. We then went on to an evening swim at the Blue Lagoon. This was truly magical as the girls swam in the thermally heated pool by the light of the moon and stars overhead. This was a very memorable experience for everyone.

The next day we went to visit some of the amazing waterfalls that Iceland has to offer, with the favourites being Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. We were able to walk behind Seljalandsfoss and see the waterfall from behind, and at Skógafoss we were able to walk up to the top of the waterfall, as well as trying to capture photos of the rainbows created by the spray from the falls.

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The girls then put on their helmets, crampons and ice picks to hike up one of the glaciers in Iceland. The glaciers are retreating at a fast rate so the opportunity to do this is reducing every year.

They navigated their way up the ice, seeing the crevasses and tasting the fresh ice water that runs in small streams on the top of the glacier. This was quite an adventurous activity and the girls rose to the challenge with a very enthusiastic attitude.

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One of the most impressive features in Iceland is the Geysir, a sprouting hot spring which erupts every few minutes. It is mesmerising to watch and the challenge is to capture the best photo of it, just as it erupts.

While on the trip, we had a wonderful guide called Jojo, who was an expert on all things Icelandic and, as we travelled around the country on the bus, he would share information about the places we were visiting. The girls' favourites were the Icelandic folk stories he shared with us as we passed some of the geographical landforms, such as the volcano Hekla, as well as stories about Icelandic beliefs in elves and trolls.

The staff on the trip were fantastic, and big thank you go to Mrs Story, Mr White, Miss Troth, Mrs Oosthuizen and Mrs Davidson. The girls were also wonderful company, as they were engaged, interested and full of good humour and adventure, meaning the time spent in Iceland was not just educational, but also entertaining and exciting.

Miss Jones, Geography Teacher

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