Giffords Circus trip

On Sunday 9th September, once again the St Hilda’s staff organised an activity both unexpected and delightful.

These words truly describe my experience at Giffords Circus. The trip swiftly brought together everyone who was new to St Hilda’s and to CLC, partly due to the funny acts and the terror of a mistake being made, as some of us clung madly to each other in anticipation.

My trip to Giffords was the first time I have gone to the circus, which added to my excitement. As we entered the great marquee and escaped the relentless drizzle so characteristic of this country, one could not help but feel overcome by a sense of wonder at the costumes and large inner ring, feeling almost as if we had been sent back in time.

The acts definitely fitted, if not surpassed, my sense of what traditional circuses would have been like back in their day. The acts were certainly daring and suspenseful, in a way that I cannot imagine health and safety nowadays would be particularly comfortable with! The performances ranged from fantastic flamenco dancers and intense juggling to daring pole dancing and an ambitious attempt, undertaken by a nine man pyramid, to continuously jump over a skipping rope.

My favourite act consisted of three men standing atop one another, the upmost performer catching a nimble acrobat who flung herself towards him from a giant swing and was subsequently lifted above the man’s head in that signature Dirty Dancing move.

We all had a great time at Giffords Circus and even the rain didn’t dampen our spirits as we took the coach home.

Zoi Moir (SFC1)