Glow Run 2018

The Glow Run 2018 took place on Sunday 22nd April, with more than 220 students and staff participating. The girls were fundraising for the College charities, as well as for UNICEF UK. 

Everyone had great fun, running through vibrant colours with face paint on, showing their enthusiasm for helping those in need. Laughter was heard and joy was seen everywhere. The event was a huge success. We managed to raise £2,500 from participants and sponsors, and also increased awareness of child rights and global citizenship.

We are very thankful for all the support we received from volunteers, College staff, parents and students, who not only played a significant role ensuring the smooth running of the event, but also demonstrated their passion for fundraising.

The support from the College community made Glow Run 2018 a fantastic evening!

Cindy (SFC1)