Robert Llewellyn visits the Greenpower Car Club

At the Greenpower Car Club, we launched ourselves excitedly into the task of building a greenpower electric car.

So far we've installed the front and rear wheel assembly, steering linkage, and brake electrics, just to name a few. We aim to complete the basics of the car in the Autumn Term and begin the exciting aerodynamics design process early next year.

The Club has been an excellent opportunity for us to have hands-on experience in engineering, as well as gaining insight into the technical aspects of electric cars alongside practical work. 

In light of this, it was the Club's pleasure to welcome British actor, presenter and writer Robert Llewellyn to College on Monday 3rd December for a talk on electric cars. He touched on the exciting prospect of electric cars from various perspectives, including the sciences and economics, as well as the benefits of electric vehicles in terms of environmental sustainability.

Mr Llewellyn also showed us his Tesla and demonstrated its autopilot function which many found to be fascinating.

Overall, the talk stretched our knowledge of electric cars further and inspired us to approach technologies from an interdisciplinary view.

Cindy (SFC2)