Halloween dinner at St Hilda’s

The Halloween Dinner at St Hilda’s was a lovely event that allowed everyone to dress up and catch up after half term.

I came back on a normal Monday evening to find the building abundant with cobwebs and lit only with the flicker of candles. The house seemed to be haunted by ghosts, which were heard in the library, and the whole ambiance was very spooky.

After changing into my costume, I went to the dining room to find carved pumpkins and toy rats and spiders. The highlight of the night was seeing all the impressive costumes and what I liked the most (except for the chocolate fondue) was that girls were able to indulge in the ridiculousness of Halloween on a school night.

Thank you to all the Staff at St Hilda’s for organising this wonderful night!

Natalia Desselberger (SFC1)

Halloween 14