Higher Project Qualification (HPQ)

Eighteen UC5s have been entered for the artefact based Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) this year. They have all successfully realised their ideas by producing an artefact of their choosing. Each artefact is underpinned by extensive research to identify the needs of a target market, and through competitor analysis embody a unique selling point.

The girls learn the specific technical skills they need in order to manufacture their artefact, and through iterative experimentation and prototyping arrive at their final design. Alongside a technical report, the ability to communicate the ontology and workflow of the artefact's production is a requirement of the HPQ.

Earlier this term we held an exhibition of HPQ work showcasing the variety, ambition and range of technical skills which were as impressive and individual as each girl's imagination.

The HPQ projects for this year were:

Adesola: Remote-controlled motorised skateboard

Aida: Peter Pan-inspired bag

Ananya: Prototype of a biomass camp stove

Anastasia: Autumn-inspired party dress

Bella: Temperature-sensing bath toy

Eloise: Energy-recovering football/nightlight

Elspeth: Water-bottle-carrying jogging robot

Ileola: A handbag with bluetooth speakers

Imi: A music-playing environmentally-themed art installation

Ink: A thermal-regulating jacket

Jenny: A shuttlecock retriever

Lara: A range of kitchen accessories commissioned by granny

Manaar: A fencing-inspired tailored waistcoat

Tilly: A soap making machine

Phoebe: An expanding framework for a flue filter

Polina: Skiing googles with inbuilt bluetooth camera

Symriti: Bluetooth spectacles

Victoria: A sensory game for deafblind children.

Dr M Lim, Head of EET