Higher Project Qualifications

This year, 33 UC5 girls have created entries for the artefact based Higher Project Qualification (HPQ). They have all successfully realised their ideas by producing an artefact of their choosing.

Each artefact is underpinned by extensive research to identify the needs of a target market and, through competitor analysis, embody a unique selling point. The girls learn the specific technical skills they need in order to manufacture their artefact and, through iterative experimentation and prototyping, arrive at their final design.

Alongside a technical report, the ability to communicate the ontology and workflow of the artefact’s production is a requirement of the HPQ. Each girl, having already given a presentation to this effect, was also able to display her work and communicate this as part of a week-long exhibition in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

The variety, ambition and range of technical skills on display was impressive and highlighted each girl's individual imagination.

This year's HPQ projects are listed below, along with some photos of the exhibition. Congratulations to all the girls on their hard work and creativity. 

Dr Lim, Head of EET

Eleanor: P.A.C. (Panic Attack Care) Necklace
Macy: My Motorised Suitcase
Felix: To design a case for, build and program a simple microbot
Celia: A Stylish Garment that can Offer Protection against Mosquitoes
Connie: A Unique and Versatile Dress for a 5-6 Year Old Girl
Emily: To test a range of different wing designs and come to a conclusion on the overall most successful
Katie: An arm for demonstrations of hydraulics and how it can be applied
Michelle: A Scale Model of a Multi-Purpose Chair, with a Desk Surface, Embedded LED Lamp and Storage Space
Maya: Portable Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier
Jasmine: A Prosthetic Hand
Casey: Energy Efficient Eye-Friendly Futuristic Desk Lamp
Morgan: 'Safe and Sound'; A sound game for visually impaired children to help make them be aware of danger using sound rather than sight
Tallulah: To design and make an ocean inspired garment based on Norfolk
Heidi: A hydroelectric teaching aid to investigate how hydroelectric power functions
Christabel:  A train track which helps develop a child's senses by including multiple sensory, enriching activities.
Louisa: A Magnetised Game for 4-8 year olds suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Katie: A Dress Inspired by the Architecture of London
Megan: A Multi Purpose Charging Station
Zarina: A Motorised Skateboard
Case: A plant pot that rotates to follow the sun
Ella: Food dispenser which gives healthy food with a treat to prevent children from developing obesity
Jojo: A Portable Smartphone Charger Powered by Sustainable Energy
Joycelyn: A Battery Powered Tennis Ball Launcher
Priyanka: Rape Alarm Bracelet
Seren: A Dress That Captures my Vision and Idea of Alice in Wonderland
Elsa: Autonomous Whiteboard Cleaner
Lorna: An Attachable Ultrasonic Auditory Guide for the Visually Impaired
Meg: Automatic Rocking Crib Triggered by Sound
Sofia: A secure jewellery box
Joycelene: A versatile sensory toy which provides different sensory stimulation designed for disabled children, people and communities
Phoebe: A light up pillow, which has multiple functions and designed removable cover
Naomi: A detailed tutu based on the personality of the 'Lilac Fairy' in the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty'
Estella: Animal Matching Board Game