IB Biology Field Trip

The biology trip to Margam Country Park in South Wales was a challenging but successful experience. Upon arrival on Saturday 18th May, we were given a tour around the facility before going to the classroom to begin. The tasks ahead of us included: evaluating the effectiveness of data sampling methods; scouting out the fields, forests or freshwater sites for a suitable location to conduct our research; formatting a clear but flexible research plan; and finally, conducting our research on Sunday.

We were all aware from the start that the experience would be testing and would require us to be resilient, resourceful and supportive of one another. Although we were all working individually, there was a strong sense of teamwork and community. In addition, we were all constantly reassured by the guidance and patience of Mrs Mott, Mr Skinner, Miss Fleming and Danielle, the field centre instructor.

On Sunday, after a good night’s sleep and an 8.00am breakfast, we gathered once again in the classroom for a 9.00am start. We carried out our final preparations and checked that our methods and equipment were as apt as possible. Within an hour, we all set off in small groups to different areas of the park to begin our investigations. These varied dramatically in terms of the time taken, as well as what they constituted of. Data was collected in a variety of forms, ranging from the compaction, pH and moisture of soil, to the presence and growth levels of particular plants, to the effect of light intensity, sediment or flow rate on freshwater species. All of our experiments yielded useful data that has allowed us to draw valid conclusions regarding our research questions through the trends - or lack thereof - that we recorded.

At 4.00pm on Sunday evening, after having accomplished all that we had aimed to over the weekend, we congregated once more on the coach to embark on our two-hour journey back to Cheltenham.

Afua (SFC1)