Jason and the Argonauts

On Tuesday 9th May, Dionysia (the Classical Drama Society) performed their annual production, which this year was Jason and the Argonauts.

Eight girls from UC4, under the direction of Dr Wilkinson and Mrs Michell, worked together to devise a play based around the events of the famous myth in which Jason, a young hero wrongfully banished from his kingdom, must gain the legendary golden fleece from the distant land of Colchis. On his quest, he is aided by the crew of his ship (the Argo) as well as Medea, the daughter of the Colchian King, who betrays her father and kills her brother to ensure that Jason succeeds.

Charlotte Scopes took on the title role, with Katherine Wai playing Medea. Christabel Hewin, Felix Bamborough, Ellie Albutt, Amy Howlett, Seren Rees and Katherine Bowden completed the ensemble, each taking on a variety of characters. Mr Todd also guest-starred as Orpheus - a perfect chance to display his lyre-playing skills! 

Congratulations to all the girls on their hard work. 

Dr Wilkinson, Classics Teacher