LAMDA Showcase 2019

This year’s LAMDA Showcase featured girls from across different year groups, from Imogen in LC1, who gave a terrifying performance as an Indian demon intent on collecting travellers’ fingers and turning them into a gory necklace, to Naomi, Anson, Hannah S, and Teni in SFC1, who ended the evening with a lively performance of Miss Saigon.

Among the comic pieces were the ‘Naughty Song’ from Matilda performed by Amaya and Hannah N with great charm, and a very funny piece about online dating from Many Moons with Daisy hilarious in the role of the dippy and somewhat desperate young woman who is seeking love. Seraphina also entertained the auidence with a speech from Snow White.

There were several Shakespearean performances, including two excellent Hamlets from Regina and Victoria. Martha in LC2 gave a very strong performance as Helena from All’s Well That Ends Well and her maturity of approach and sensitivity to language make her someone to watch over the next few years.

Mr M Smith, Director of Drama