Build and Launch of the CLC Caterham kit car

The Build

At first, it was extremely challenging as we began to build the Caterham Kit Car.

The manuals were difficult to read in places, as there were a lot of technical terms that we had not come across before and some times when the language used was simply difficult for us to comprehend.

Fortunately, Dr Lim and the other teachers and staff often gave us help and tips to guide us through the tasks, and I found the whole process of constructing the car very interesting.

I have enjoyed learning to use a wide variety of tools like Torque wrenches and Rivet Guns. We have also understood the importance of teamwork on such a project, as there were about 35 of us working on the car together, across various days.

I also learnt that clear documentation in our journal was needed, as accurate communication between the different groups was crucial. Furthermore, I realised the importance of dividing the work between all of us, which allowed us to be efficient in our building so that better progress could be made.

We are all delighted to see the car completed, after working on it for two terms. It was really fascinating to see the car with its engine turned on in the Lower Quad, before it was sent off to Caterham for a final check.

I hope that the car will pass the check and I cannot wait to see it running on the roads!

Jaimie (SFC1)

The Launch

On Friday 9th March a large group of parents, former parents and Guild members came together to see the Caterham kit car, built by the girls and funded by a legacy left to College by a Guild member.

We were delighted to hear from Dr Matthew Lim, Head of Engineering, Enterprise and Technology and to meet the 35 girls involved. We can’t wait to see what they build next year!  

Ms Sian Morgan, Director of Partnerships & Principal Gifts