Launch of the Cheltenham Education Partnership

The newly launched Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP) brings together the expertise of nine state and independent schools, alongside the University of Gloucestershire and a number of local charities and organisations from across Cheltenham. The partnership aims to ensure that all young people in the town have the opportunity to realise their potential.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College is delighted to be part of the newly formed CEP and will be working alongside these schools and organisations to ensure that the best interests of young people are at the heart of education.

Part of the work undertaken by the partnership will involve introducing initiatives that will provide young people across Cheltenham with new opportunities to expand their horizons. An annual programme of events from partner schools will be open to students, offering a range of different experiences. In the first year, these will include opportunities such as Mandarin club, GCSE Latin, an art exhibition, an astronomy experience, a debating workshop, and a sports programme.  In addition, the partnership will provide stimulating professional development for teachers including updating areas of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. The CEP will continue to encourage new ideas and enhance these initiatives, as the programme develops.

The partnership aims to foster social cohesion across Cheltenham, encouraging innovative collaborations between schools, colleges, and universities, as well as organisations such as GCHQ, Cheltenham Festivals, Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival and the Cheltenham Trust.