Law and Public Services Networking Dinner

On Friday 1st February, the PGC hosted the Law and Public Services Networking Dinner for girls in UC5 and SFC.

The evening was a very enjoyable and informative experience for all, with guests from a variety of careers. Their valuable experience provided an insightful view into the working world and the opportunities on offer.

A key theme reiterated by all the guests was that there are a multitude of paths into law and public sector careers, many of which you wouldn’t expect, such as studying science at university. This is due to the fact that many skills gained from these sorts of degrees are transferable, such as analytical aptitude and an attention to detail. For girls who are not completely certain of their career paths this was very reassuring to hear as it shows the extensive range of qualifications with which they could enter these sectors.

The guests’ enthusiasm for their careers was very inspiring and the contacts made during the evening will be very useful in the coming years. A big thank you must go to all the guests who gave up their Friday evening to attend, and to Mrs Mooney, Miss Hampton and everyone else who helped make the event such a success.

Alexia (UC5)