LC Weekends - Walking, Bowling and Trampolining

As part of the Weekend Programme, girls in Lower College have been on a number of exciting trips this term, including hill walking, bowling and trampolining. 

LC1 Cleeve Hill Trip

On Sunday 7th October, all the LC1 girls went for a walk up to the top of Cleeve Hill. It was a long hike with a steep climb. There were also supposedly ’Killer Sheep’. The climb was definitely worth it in the end, because the view the Cheltenham was breathtaking. I bet all the LC1 girls were speechless and dumbfounded at the sight of it.

Many thanks to the staff who accompanied us on the walk. All the LC1 gilrs had an amazing time (and luckily the ‘Killer Sheep’ were quite calm that day)!

Tara (LC1)

LC1 and LC2 Bowling Trip

On Saturday 6th October, the LC1 and LC2 girls from every House went bowling together. On our way from St Helen’s, we bumped into St Mags, Farnley and Glenlee.

When we arrived, most of us went to the arcade or ordered a snack. The bowling was a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity to spend time with our friends. In the end, I came 2nd by two pins whereas Izzy from St Mags won with 115.

After we had finished we all started to group up and head home. I had so much fun bowling and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say it was a great evening!

Millie (LC2)

LC3 Trampoline Trip

We had a wonderful time at Funky Warehouse on Sunday, where all the LC3 girls came together to play tag and swing on monkey bars.

We first went on a bus to our destination and we were all very excited! When we got to Funky Warehouse, we listened carefully to the rules and instructions and quickly got to bonce on the trampolines. We even played a game where we had to balance on a thick block of wood and knock each other off! It was so funny to see everyone falling into the foam pit and struggling to climb back up.

When everyone got tired we sat down and chatted for a while, whist drinking rainbow coloured slushies. Time passed really quickly and soon we had to leave the fascinating Warehouse. It was so much fun and definitely a wonderful experience for LC3 to share together.

Natalie (LC3)