LC1 Adventure Day

On Monday 23rd September, in spite of the need to gather at College earlier than usual, the LC1s were buzzing in expectation of a day of adventure in Malvern. The exuberant chattering all the way to the Boundless Outdoors Activity Centre confirmed just how pleased they were to be setting out together for a day of exhilaration and adrenaline.

Soon after we arrived, they donned their safety helmets and set off to enjoy a range of thrilling activities designed to encourage and develop self-confidence, resilience, motivation, communication and leadership. It was a marvellous opportunity for the year group to bond even further as they worked with others across the year group in physically demanding contexts, with problems to solve and challenges to overcome.

The LC1s bravely whooped their way down a zip wire, cheered by team mates, and they had such fun participating in archery, climbing, tunnelling, high ropes, low ropes and bridges. The day dashed by, and even though the rain came down mid-afternoon, they participated with continued enthusiasm and great team spirit.

Those of us who attended with them felt very proud of every one of our LC1s. They are a brilliant group and we are delighted with the support they showed one another and the excellent manner in which they collaborated. Their experiences this week are among the first of many wonderful adventures they will share at CLC! 

Mrs C Oosthuizen, Head of Lower College