LC1 Drama Club – 'The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty'

Alice and Amy have run the LC1 Drama Club throughout the year and the culmination of their hard work was their production of The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty, a play about the consequences of bullying.

Millie played the central tragic role of Terry, while Lulu and Zia were her harassed parents, and Vanessa was amusing as her little sister. Zia also doubled as the leader of the gang of bullies, ably supported by Loelia as the Frisbee-throwing Pete and Meredith and Aleki as the scornful Kathy and Janet.

Esohe gave a strong performance as Terry’s friend Sammy, showing the character’s inability to stand up against the gang and his subsequent remorse. Uma was successful in creating the rather odious Mrs Vickers whose account of the incident to the reporter, played by Kamila, reveals her to be an uncaring bystander, whose main interest is seeing her own name in the paper.

Congratulations to the directors and cast on a lively performance of this play, with a very serious message.

Mr Smith, Director of Drama