LC1 Gamelan Workshop

On Friday 21st September, all girls in LC1 had the opportunity to produce their very own authentic Balinese Gamelan performance in the Princess Hall. As part of a broad and exciting Music curriculum in Lower College, the girls got to create music using authentic Balinese instruments and produce their own class performance, led by ethnomusicologist and visiting Gamelan specialist Jonathan Roberts.

The session started with an introduction to the style, followed by a task in which they learned a piece through numbered singing, and applied this to the notes on the instruments. The layers then became more complex as certain girls had different patterns to play, following carefully as the leader sped up and slowed down the tempo, whilst the girls had to maintain their timing and concentration.

The girls displayed excellent energy and enthusiasm; they were very inquisitive about the musical aspects of the style and asked some fabulous questions regarding the wider cultural setting of this genre. They have since gone on to compare this to the music of Debussy (whose work became heavily influenced by the music of Indonesia in the late 19th century) and will explore the many exciting ways in which basic musical ideas can be transformed through class performance work.

Mr Keir, Music Teacher