LC1 Gamelan Workshop

On Friday 20th September, LC1 were lucky enough to experience the wonderful timbres of Bali in a fantastic Gamelan workshop delivered by leading ethnomusicologist Dr Jonathan Roberts. Dr Roberts has spent a huge amount of time in Indonesia, and as such his level of expertise was much appreciated by our pupils. 

In their class groups, students learnt a piece from memory using a number singing method. They then had to get to grips with specific techniques required in the performance of Balinese Gamelan, before producing a final performance which they will analyse and compare with works by Debussy in a follow-up curriculum lesson.

I was massively impressed with all of their energy, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity for this music, and am looking forward to seeing how their analysis of all music (wherever in the world it originates) develops.

Mr C Kier, Head of Academic Music