LC1 trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park

On the 11th June, the whole of LC1 embarked on a jam-packed day of fun and adventure on the biology trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. Despite the rain we remained in high spirits, excited to see and learn about all the amazing wildlife. We had a very interesting and engaging talk from one of the park keepers about animal adaptation and their habitats. The keeper showed us a variety of animals including otters, monkeys, birds, penguins and even sloths! Did you know that some meals can take a sloth a month to digest?

After a ride on the train, we visited our favourite part of the Park, to see the mammals, and in particular the giraffes. We were all excited to see the giraffes with their unique patterns, long necks and legs, and were interested to explore a little part of their daily lives. We also enjoyed seeing the otters and watching them swim and eat crayfish together. Thank you so much to all the staff who organised the trip. We really enjoyed it.

Tara and Phoebe (LC1)