LC1 Trip to France

On Sunday 1st July, we went to France and our adventure began.

All the LC1 girls arrived at College early on Sunday morning, packed and ready to go to France. The bus journey was great fun, watching films and stopping at service stations to go shopping. We arrived in the late afternoon and headed off to the beach. When we got back, we unpacked, had supper and went to bed, as we were very tired.

The next day we woke up, had breakfast and we set off to our first destination 'la ferme'. We had great fun feeding the animals and giving them lots of cuddles! We also visited a chocolate factory and snail farm, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We ate plenty of chocolate and all tried the snails and, let’s just say, they weren’t for everyone! We ended the day with pasta and donuts for dinner.

A third day consisted of going to a sweet factory and learning how to make different types of sweets. They were delicious! We discovered the beautiful old town of Boulogne and concluded the day with a trip to the beach.

On our final day before arriving back, we went to a huge shopping centre and spent our remaining euros. Travelling back, we watched plenty of movies and had a great singalong.

The trip was so much fun and we would like to thank the teachers for taking us and organising everything. We have made so many amazing memories that will stay with us forever.

Georgie and Issy (LC1)