LC1 Trip to France 2017

On Sunday 2nd July, 69 CLC pupils went on an unforgettable trip to Le Touquet in France. We set off on a seven-hour bus ride to our destination, the Hippotel. The bus ride was an adventure in itself, as it gave us all a chance to socialise with people we didn’t usually talk to and strengthen our existing friendships. Upon arrival, we quickly settled in and got used to our new surroundings, preparing ourselves for the jam-packed schedule planned for the next day. 

Monday was a whirlwind of action, from waking up at 7.00am and eating croissants and cereal with friends for breakfast to the main visit of the day, to the ARC International glassware factory. We all saw first-hand the process in which the glasses and vases we use every day are manufactured. Caroline Boyden and Elizabeth Green said, “It was amazing because the glass cups and jugs were spinning around while fire was being blown at them which was so cool and satisfying to watch!”

After the glassware factory tour, we headed to the beach near the hotel for some free time. Although it was a bit chilly to begin with, we made the best of it by running around and playing games to warm ourselves up. With all the fun we had, it was a shame to go back to the hotel to prepare for the next day, but Tuesday was definitely not a disappointment.

LC1 France 2017 3

Tuesday was even better than the previous day. First we headed to a goat farm, which produces cheese and so we obviously had to try some. It was pretty tasty, even if the smell wasn’t the best. Afterwards, we moved on to a chocolate factory where we learnt the process of chocolate making. My favourite part was when we learnt what each chocolate consists of; I never knew that white chocolate has no cocoa liquid in it, only cocoa fat. Obviously, we had to have a sampling here too.

What comes after chocolate? Snails, of course - or rather, escargot! For most of us it was also our first time trying snails. Snails, with garlic or in pastry (both without the shell), were a great way to be introduced to eating gastropods! Jemima Bullock told me how it felt eating the snail, “the texture was quite rubbery and chewy but the flavour was delicious!” Before the tasting, we saw how the snails are reared, from baby snails to the tasty ones we tried later on. We even saw the snail security to stop them escaping, in the form of an electric fence.

Goats, chocolate and snails, and we still had some time left for a quick goodbye visit to the beach. We all slept well and no one wanted to leave on Wednesday morning. Another couple of days 'en France' would have been perfect to continue practicing our French, but the end of term awaited and we had to head for home.

All the LC1 girls would like to thank the teaching staff for accompanying us, keeping an eye on us when we wandered off and, most of all, for taking us to an array of new experiences. We would especially like to thank Mr Couliou for organising the trip for the entire year - not a task for the faint-hearted. Merci beaucoup!

Eloise Zara Bennett-Voci (LC1)