LC3 and UC4 performance - 'Second Person Narrative'

There is a dearth of good plays written for young female performers, so I was delighted to discover a new play, Second Person Narrative, written by Jemma Kennedy specifically for an all-female cast.

The play tells the story of a character known only as You, from birth to death. As all the scenes in this episodic play take place in the present day, there is a snapshot quality to the text, as if the playwright is sampling moments from the lives of modern girls and women.

There is a great deal of wit and humour which is carefully balanced with moments of pathos, as we see the patterns of life handed down from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter.

I was delighted to have a very able and enthusiastic cast who were willing to play multiple characters and manage the numerous quick changes backstage. The ensemble consisted of Amelia, Jemima, Tatty, Starr, Hannah, Natasha, Lisette, Olivia, Gladys, Dina, Daisy and Elyne.

Their ability to switch character in an instant and reveal the joys and tensions of a scene in just a few words was extraordinary. It was a real privilege and pleasure to work with them on such an enjoyable production.

Mr Smith, Director of Drama