Library Music Night 2019

The Library’s ninth Music Night was another huge success. With each new academic year, the organisers worry that we’ve lost some great performers, and every year, we are amazed to find a new crop of singers signing up. With over a hundred excited music fans squeezed into a bursting the Cambridge Room, there was the tangible buzz in the air.  

None of the seventeen performers let us down, and we know that some were putting themselves a long way out of their comfort zone. There were two girls from Lower College and a good number of UC4s, some performing before an audience for the first time.

We had songs from David Bowie, Ed Sheeran, David Gray, Sam Smith, Passenger and many others. There was also an original composition for voice and accordion. There’s always variety at Music Night.

There was the inevitable technical hitch and minor musical slip-up, but that’s what makes this live, unpolished format so loved. Somehow it feels more real.

In addition to the girls, we had four members of staff give it a go, in addition to the House Band of ‘Vick and Mick’, featuring our own Miss Brandon. They led the most enthusiastic sing-a-long we’ve had and when the house light came up, we all agreed we’d come back and do it again next time.

With the furniture pushed back into place and the instruments packed away: silence reigns in the Library once more. Until LMN 10.

Mr P Todd, Head of Library Services