Library Music Night

On the evening of Saturday 9th February, the Library suspended its 'silence rule' as over 60 girls attended our eighth Library Music Night.

A total of 20 girls performed, the youngest being Tara, LC1, who sang a beautiful version of Adele's Hello.

There were many of our regular performers in attendance. We were particularly glad to see a reunion of the duo that was the very first act on the first ever Library Music Night, Valentina and Regina. Four years ago, we may not have recognised either name, but their subsequent performances over the years have wowed many.

Other stalwarts include Edi and her sister Godsgift, a duo who have so often been a highlight of the evening. Then there was Natalie and Vivian, who seem to be able to play anything, with anyone. For something out of the ordinary we had Freya who got the whole audience laughing with a very comic number in her first ever Library Music Night appearance. Following that, Mr Jones stepped out of the audience to accompany Jeannie's enchanting violin.

There was so much interest from girls wanting to play (full list below) we over-ran, and the House Band (our very own Ms Brandon and her husband) were down to just two numbers. For many of the performers it was their last ever Library Music Night, as they are in SFC2 and headed away to the outside world. Let's hope they continue to play and entertain. In the meantime, there were plenty of girls from whom we want to hear again at our next Library Music Night in the autumn.

A list of the performers, many thanks to you all: Valentina, Regina, Tara, Ashley, Vivian, Kate, Ashlee, Jemma, Joy, Godsgift, Edidiong, Joycelyne, Alevtina, Davina, Caroline, Jeannie, Christabel, Charlotte, Titi, and Natalie.

Mr P Todd, Head of Library Services