Life as a new girl at CLC

For the girls who returned to CLC last Autumn Term, September was no different from any other. For new girls, however, it brought an overwhelming number of changes: boarding, a different curriculum, new people, and an unfamiliar environment. The number of girls who were willing to leave their previous schools, homes, and even countries to try their luck here in College is extraordinary. What draws so many girls to College? What makes it so special?

These questions remained fresh in my mind. I’d applied based on what I knew of CLC - its academic reputation, its co-curricular opportunities, its atmosphere based on my school tours - but in my mind, the school retained an imposing, mysterious quality. I awaited the start of term in apprehension. Had I rushed my decision? How quickly could I really integrate in a new school community? What if I would have fared better staying at the international school in Germany that I attended at the time? As summer drew to a close, my nervousness intensified; I almost couldn’t remember why I’d applied in the first place.

When September came, and the reception of new girls put me at ease, I immediately felt at home in the intimate atmosphere of my boarding house. I discovered with relief that my fears had been entirely unfounded. It was the start of classes, though, that served as the most jolting reminder of why I had chosen CLC.

From my first class of term, I knew I was in a school environment unlike any I had ever known. Each of my lessons produced new, unexpected, and thought-provoking insights from my peers. I was surrounded by girls who constantly challenged themselves and others and, above all, loved learning. I found myself in perpetual awe of the talent, intellect, and open-mindedness of other CLC students. This was why I had come to CLC: to surround myself with people who would inspire me. I feel lucky and proud to call myself a CLC girl, and I look forward to many exciting days to come. 

Yuka (SFC1)