Work experience talk on the Morgan Stanley program

One of my friends, Anna, was selected to participate in the Morgan Stanley ‘Step In, Step Up Program’, which she completed over the span of two days over February Half Term. On Wednesday 16th May, with the support of the PGC, she gave a talk about her experience.

Despite only going to her talk mainly for moral support, as I had had an extensive report of her thoughts when we got back to school, I also found it quite interesting. Anna spoke fondly of her experience, although assured us that the finance world was not for her. She stressed the lack of attention in finance roles by girls at CLC, and how keen she was for more girls to look to the finance world for future jobs.

Furthermore, Anna highlighted the importance of participating in schemes, such as the one in Morgan Stanley, as they provide an opportunity when applying for jobs after university, something which is highly sought after.

I think the most important thing she said, was her advice to take on every opportunity to be involved in such programmes. Even the application process, she stressed, would give girls the chance to build up many skills, such a cover letter writing and working on your CV.

Having applied for numerous work experience opportunities myself, I would support Anna in her belief that such skills will be priceless in life and girls should take up every opportunity they are presented with.

Emma (SFC1)