National Youth Orchestra Spring Tour

During the Easter holidays, I took part in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain's Spring Tour 2019, entitled 'Voice of the Americas'

Our programme was based on American music, ranging from Latin American, to jazz, to folk music, and included:

  • Copland Symphony No.3 (known as Great American Symphony)
  • Gershwin Piano Concerto in F Major
  • Revueltas, Sensemayá
  • Chávez Symphony No.2 (Sinfonia India).

Our aim for the Spring Tour was to prove to people, through our multi-cultural music programme, that despite everything that's been going on around the world: barriers, walls being built on the border of Mexico and America, etc, that through music we can come together.

One hundred and sixty musicians from all different backgrounds and cultures played together as an orchestra, delivering amazing concerts in Birmingham, Liverpool, and London. Our wonderful conductor, Carlos Miguel Prieto, really made rehearsals fun and exciting, and reminded us again that our different backgrounds didn't affect the music and how we played it.

If you would like to listen to a recording of the concert, it is available on BBC iPlayer: (available until 10.00pm on 24th May 2019).

Souny (UC4)