National Youth Theatre

I recently completed an intense two-week summer intake course with the National Youth Theatre (NYT). Overall it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in drama.

Over the two weeks we did a multitude of different things, including workouts every morning to enhance our physical theatre performances, and worked on Shakespeare to understand his words through our movements. We also visited an art gallery which acted as a stimulus for our final devised piece. The course focused a lot on 'non-acting' - where we would do exercises in order to try and feel emotions as opposed to 'acting' them. 

On one of the days, former NYT members, who are now actors, directors and movement coaches, came back to do a Q and A with us. We also had a casting director come and talk to us, which was very interesting.

The NYT course was truly the best experience of my life and I cannot express the vitality of it to any young actor; not only did I learn more than I could’ve imagined, but I also made some extremely strong friendships. There is something about being surrounded by so many young talents, all as passionate as oneself, that brings you all together.

I also really appreciate the support I had from staff at CLC, and in particular the Drama Department, which helped me prepare for the course and enabled to me get the most out of this fantastic opportunity.  

Daisy (UC5)