PGC: Law Day 2019

Just before half term, students from SFC1 took part in a 'Law Day' led by the law firm Harrison Clark Rickerby. We were also joined by some students from Pate's and Balcarras.

In the morning, representatives from the firm led us in activities in the Princess Hall based around property, corporate, and family law and litigation. This gave us a chance to experience what it would be like working in different areas of law.

Later, we took part in a mock trial based on a true incident of a man who owned an appliances store buying a cooker to carry out demonstrations. The cooker caught on fire, and the man wanted to sue the company that issued him the cooker.

Everyone was placed on either the claimant's or the defendant's side of the trial. We split off into groups and delegated different areas of the case to work on before lunch.

After eating, we gathered together as a larger group in our teams to finalise our side of the case, before going to the Council Room for the trial.

Students representing both the defendant and the claimant questioned 'witnesses' in the case, and at the end of the day the judge gave his verdict - the defendant was not at fault.

Overall, the day provided a truly enlightening and enjoyable experience and gave us all a chance to see first-hand what it would be like working in law.

Katie, SFC1