PGC - STEAM Networking Dinner

On Friday 12th October, College had the amazing opportunity to host the STEAM Networking dinner. The networking dinner had a array of interesting and exciting guests ranging from art historians to engineers.

I found the dinner very insightful as it allowed me to see the link between sciences and art, which are subjects people often view as polar opposites. I would highly recommend the STEAM Networking dinner to any girl interested in related career paths, as it opens doors to industry professionals as well as fostering a deeper understanding of the potential career paths available.

Timi (SFC2)

The first Networking dinner of this academic year was STEAM, rather than STEM, bringing the Arts into it as well. This was very well received by girls and many really appreciated the value that art adds to science in general.

The event was oversubscribed, with many offers from guests to attend and huge numbers of girls wanted to come along too. The conversation flowed all evening and it was a real pleasure to see how girls discovered new career paths and were actively looking for advice.

Guests were most impressed with the quality of the questions and the interest shown by the girls. We were certainly very lucky to have a wide range of experienced professionals ranging from nuclear engineers to animators. Thank you to everyone who attended. 

Mrs Mooney, Careers and Work Experience Manager