PGC Work Experience Talk

Amy Couch (SFC2) provided us with insight into her participation in the PwC work experience programme, including the application process and the skills and knowledge gained from her time there.

She not only explained how she prepared for the extensive application process, but also mentioned that it has helped her with her university applications, which shows one of the many advantages of applying for work experience. However, more importantly, she described her experience working in such a large corporate company in the City of London. She explained to us about what a ‘professional service’ firm can offer and how each section of the firm comes with a variety of working conditions and experiences. This removed my assumption that all City companies have extremely formal working relationships and environments.

Although Amy’s description of PwC was incredibly helpful, what I found most valuable from the talk was that many companies, like PwC, are willing to take on younger students as interns to build up connections for future employees. This showed how work experience can often be beneficial for both sides and has eradicated all of my fears and doubts about applying for work experience.

It also struck me as interesting that although Amy interned at an accounting firm, she has applied for scientific university courses, which demonstrates that work experience can be in any field of interest and shouldn’t be constricted by one’s university choices.

Overall, I found the talk very helpful in giving me an opportunity to hear from another student with personal experience of working at a large company.

Ella Tsang (SFC1)