PGC - Work Experience Talks

This week UC5 and SFC1 girls attended talks given by SFC2 girls about their work experience, how they had gained it and, more importantly, what they learnt from it.

During the first session we heard about work experience from a variety of careers, including those in architecture, history and at St Hilda’s East.

As I want to study medicine at university, I immediately assumed that the architectural experience would not be relevant to me. However, I discovered that it was very relevant as the student, Emilie, had seen the architecture of all sorts of buildings, including hospitals, and the reasons why they were built in the way in which they were. This made me realise that all careers are linked in one way or another.

Another pupil, Olivia, spoke about how she had been shown the history of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, looking at thousands of records of architectural and equipment alterations which had been made to keep the hospital up-to-date. 

Lastly, we heard from another pupil about some work experience at St Hilda’s East, a community centre in London, and how she interacted with elderly people, playing dominoes and talking with them. 

The second session of talks was based on medicine, and our SFC2 girls who have already done their work experience, applications, UKCAT and personal statements, gave us some very useful information on how to gain work experience in this area.

They stressed the importance of using connections and networking with people you meet. They also recommended volunteering with St John’s Ambulance, which inspired me to apply. 

The speakers said that the important thing about securing work experience is to not feel let down if you do not immediately get the opportunity you hoped for. They also said that although you may feel very nervous to begin with, it will all be worth it and it is a very good way to decide whether you are capable of dealing with the stress of being a doctor.

These talks were very valuable as they showed the importance of work experience and they made me feel more confident in trying to secure my own in the future.

Angel (SFC1)