Photomosaic for EPQ

For my EPQ Artefact Project this year, I decided to create a photographic artwork for a remembrance exhibition taking place to commemorate the First World War. I produced a photomosaic, a digital art form developed in the 1990s, which uses a multitude of photographs to depict one main image.

The result is a photographic collage which, when viewed as a whole, resembles College but, when you look closer, reveals thousands of individual photographs of Cheltenham Ladies’ College from over the last 100 years.

Over three months I was able to capture over 1,000 scenes of College ranging from stained glass windows, each one of the boarding houses, my friends and even the uniform. In addition to these images, I requested photographic submissions from students and staff, and gratefully received a total of 130 photos.

The commemorative aspect of the piece lies within the use of archive sources. The vast College archives contain hundreds of original photographs taken during WW1 and 240 of these images can be seen in the photomosaic.

Finally, I exhibited my artwork at the ‘Gloucestershire and Racing Remembers’ event, which was held at the Cheltenham Racecourse on Sunday 18th November. It showcased various exhibits about Gloucestershire’s contribution and sacrifice during WW1. Here, my photomosaic was exhibited alongside the Cheltenham Ladies’ College archives and a recreated ward from St Martin’s VAD hospital.

Through this project, I was able to combine my passions for photography and history to produce a meaningful artefact that enabled College's wartime stories to be shared though a commemorative piece of art. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and would recommend taking an EPQ in the Sixth Form for anyone looking to extend their passions and interests beyond the school curriculum.

Olivia (SFC1)