Professional Guidance Talks

Dr Cassie Stevenson on "An Introduction to Psychology"

The talk by Dr Stevenson was very interesting and informative, giving an insight into psychology. For those of us who had very little prior knowledge she covered the basic information on the subject such as the required educational background, possible career paths and why the subject is so important to study. She emphasised how we rely on our brains to perceive reality and how the brain can be tricked, leading to things such as false memory. Dr Stevenson then discussed how important these concepts are to fields such as advertising and law as it helps one manipulate thought and choices, and understanding how to do so can be a key skill. This talk was very informative and helped many of us understand the basic concepts of the subject. 

Bella Briant and Nandika Nankani, UC4


Pippa Robinson on "Acing your interviews"

This talk was the second in a series of talks by Mrs Robinson, acting as a continuation from the previous session on how to write a CV. As a former CLC girl herself, her journey upon leaving College has been incredible and extremely inspiring.

I walked into the PGC Library that afternoon nervous and unsure I would ever be comfortable and confident going into interviews. The session Mrs Robinson led was extremely useful and I quickly felt at ease through her use of humour and her calm and reassuring tone. I am glad to have been proved wrong as I left the session with a new-found sense of security and hope. I felt inspired and "ready to take on the world".

Mrs Robinson gave us a whistle-stop tour of the components that make a good interview — from research before the interview to effectively following-up after the formal interview is over. Her insight was crucial and she highlighted some essential points and easily-forgotten mistakes often made during interviews. Mrs Robinson did an excellent job at giving professional advice that can apply to any interview, no matter what the purpose. This talk will really benefit me in the future, and for that I am truly grateful for the PGC and Guild for continuing to guide and champion the educational and professional development of young women.

Karina Shethia, SFC1