Talk by Professor Minford, Economists for Free Trade

During these unstable and turbulent times, it can be difficult to look at the future of the economy with a positive outlook. The uncertainty and confusion surrounding the economy of our country can be disheartening at times, but Professor Patrick Minford, the current head of a group called ‘Economists for Free Trade’, would urge the public to be optimistic.

Professor Minford, an former parent of College, has written a book called Should Britain leave the EU?, which recently came out with its second edition, where he proudly states that Britain would be economically better off if they left the European Union.

Instead of ‘sitting back and putting his feet up’ following the publication of this book, Professor Minford felt urged to go out and campaign for his cause. To this day, Professor Minford is still campaigning for his hope that Britain will enjoy free trade and economic prosperity as part of a plan called ‘Canada Plus’, which he believes to be the ultimate trade deal for the EU and Britain. Through exposing the miscalculations of the Treasury, Professor Minford opened up an extraordinary side to Brexit; one where, based on his calculations, the UK sees a total 6.8% increase in GDP.

Overall, Professor Minford predicts a strong, growing global economy, leading to a UK outlook where Brexit creates a new supply-side growth revolution. I am extremely grateful to Professor Minford for coming to speak at College and for sharing his fascinating insight into the future of Britain, one where we are economically better off.

Emma (SFC1)