Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The LC1 and LC2 Drama Club has been led recently by SFC1 girls. This year Naomi took over the running of the Club, assisted by Jojo. The culmination of the year's work is the performance of a production in the PAC, and this year's was the very popular Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It is a show with various staging problems, such as how to create a river of chocolate or a glass elevator on stage, but the directors made excellent use of simple props and the acting skills of their large and enthusiastic cast to take us on a tour of the Wonka factory.

There were many outstanding performances, including the glittering narrators who started the show: Alexandra, Jasmine, Uma and Sophie. In the central role of Charlie, Naomi was utterly charming. Having been brought down with a virus in the final week, she bravely came over from the Medical Centre for rehearsal and the performance, which would surely have impressed Roald Dahl.

Meredith was a genial but occasionally rather scary Willy Wonka, happily seeing the various children go off to their well-deserved fates. One of the most enjoyable moments of retribution was Augustus Gloop, played by Bea, disappearing into the river of chocolate, and the brilliant reactions of Esohe as his handbag-clutching mother.

The Oompa-Lompas (Petra, Alexandra, Mimi, Aleki and Tess) stole the show with their various songs, including a fabulous rap. Millie, as the spoilt Veruca Salt, Gia, as the odious Violet Beauregarde, and Georgie, as the media-obsessed Mike Teavee, all showed that playing the villain can be highly satisfying.

Overall, this was a very entertaining performance much enjoyed by an audience, including a higher-than-usual number of younger members. In fact they enjoyed it almost as much as the cast enjoyed the giant bar of chocolate, bought as a prop, which they divided among themselves after the performance!

Mr M Smith, Director of Drama