Review of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

The idea of staging a musical production with a cast consisting of every girl in LC1 and LC2, and rehearsing only on occasional Saturday mornings, was one which filled me with a certain amount of trepidation. However, with the right team in place and the usual willingness of CLC girls to go the distance, we accomplished what appeared initially to be impossible: a joyous and colourful spectacle.

Among the performers who stood out were Meredith, a very fine Joseph, and Bella, who did justice to the very demanding role of the Pharoah. We had six narrators, who sang their role as one, and kept the show running smoothly: Emma, Imogen, Isabella, Sophie, Tara and Zadie. Somehow we ended up with 14 brothers, which caused a certain amount of head-scratching during their numbers but Martha, as their father Jacob, took it all in her stride, singing out strongly from behind a superb growth of facial hair. Issy gave an excellent performance as Potiphar, with his unfaithful wife played with great style by Izzy.

Much of the success of the production was due to the dances, which Mrs Sandys choreographed with terrific patience, given that she never had the same girls at any one rehearsal. In particular, the dance for the Joseph's Coat number was a riot of swirling ribbons and movement. We were also lucky to have the assistance of Naomi as assistant director, and Kitty and Henrietta who directed the girls in the chorus. Not only did they create the movement work to go with the songs, but they also coached the girls and helped them come in at the right moments.

On the visual side we were blessed by the arrival of Hannah, who volunteered to undertake to painting of the backdrops for the set with the help of some enthusiastic Lower College girls. Mr Hulance and Mrs Bailey bravely endured several Saturday mornings of set construction which left the Theatre Studio looking as if a glitter bomb had exploded. Mr Williams worked colourful magic with the lighting, while Mr Hancocks managed the many microphones worn by the performers. Meanwhile, Miss Thomas, Mrs Wrench and Miss Courtney set about the Herculean task of creating costumes for 149 girls. Pleasingly, the tie-dyed t-shirts worn by the chorus have now gone into their own wardrobes as a reminder of what they achieved.

Mr M Smith, Director of Drama