Review of The Girls of St Mabel's

The Drama Department's big Summer Term production, The Girls of St Mabel's, played on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of May. Nineteen pupils from LC3 and UC4 took to the stage, in the not too unfamiliar roles of girls at boarding school. 

The play is set in 1964 and the girls are desperately trying to save the school from closure in between midnight feasts and coping with the presence of a couple of ghosts. There were outstanding performances from every one of the cast who included experienced GCSE drama students as well as many first-timers. The script, written in-house, gave a channel for the girls to explore their comedy skills, and the audience laughed all the way through this rather silly and thoroughly enjoyable play.

The cast was made up of the following girls: Starr, Eva, Antonia, Henrietta, Celeste, Amelia, Georgia, Daisy, Florence, Zoe, Caley-Maria, Charlotte, Ursula, Imogen, Natasha, Olympe, Charley, Sophie, and Kitty.

Mr P Todd, Head of Library Services