Review of The Real Inspector Hound

On Wednesday 20th March, the audience at the PAC was treated to an excellent LC3 production of Tom Stoppard's spoof detective mystery play The Real Inspector Hound, jointly directed by Joycelyn and Christabel.

The cast were ably led by Kitty as Cynthia, the Lady of the Manor, who as well as mourning her husband Albert also presided over some very complicated card games. Cynthia's lover, Simon Gascoigne, was played with great panache by Loelia and their clinches were greatly enjoyed by the audience! Her jealous rival, Felicity, performed by Fiorella, was suitably cutting in her throwaway remarks.

Perhaps the funniest moment in the performance was the serving of tea by Mrs Drudge and her squeaking tea-trolley. Speaking with a dense northern accent Madeleine, bent double with age, went from character to character with her teapot with remarkable determination. Every now and then she would whisk away Major Magnus in his wheelchair. Leila played this mysterious character, who seems to have a grudge against theatre critics, and over the course of the play dramatically kills both Birdboot (Samar) and Moon (Eydie). Samar and Eydie kept up a running commentary on the play from the side box seats, and delivered some very complicated lines with panache and elan. Nicola was the blundering Inspector Hound who at moments of crisis seems to forget that he is a policeman.

This was a very amusing and slickly performed play by both directors and cast, and it kept the audience fully entertained throughout!

Mr M Smith, Director of Drama