Roald Dahl Day

On 13th of September, College celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday with the LC1s in Tutor Time. Staff shared with pupils what it is that they like about Dahl's writing and which of his books is their particular favourite.

There was a song from the show Matilda followed by a reading from the autobiography, Going Solo, about Dahl's days living in Africa. The passage chosen had a large and very poisonous snake getting into the neighbours' house. Mr Todd, Miss Hobbs, Mrs Oosthuizen, Mr Loughlin, Mrs Davie and Dr Haydon took on different parts to read the funny story. The reading finished on a real cliffhanger, leaving the audience wondering what happened when the Snake Catcher arrived.

Pupils were then encouraged to show their creativity with the launch of a Roald Dahl writing competition. After this lovely start to the day, we had wanted to give the girls snozzcumbers at break, but decided that might make Friday 13th "very" unlucky!

Mr P Todd, Head of Library Services