RSC Analyst Competition 2018

On Wednesday 24th January, we travelled to the University of Bristol for the regional heats of the Royal Society of Chemistry annual Analytical Competition. The day was packed full of activities for us to participate in, such as two monitored experiments, a team quiz and a lecture demonstration.

The two experiments were very difficult and beyond the scope of our chemistry knowledge and practical experience. However, the three of us managed to complete them with the help of the postgraduates supervising the competition. Throughout the course of the experiments, we got to use equipment that we have not used before, such as the UV spectrometer to work out the absorbance of solutions with different concentrations.

While our work was being marked and analysed, we took part in a lecture demonstration where we explored some of the gases that make up a large percentage of our atmosphere. We used liquid nitrogen to crumble flowers and freeze bananas and blew up hydrogen and helium balloons.

This was a very unique educational experience. We really enjoyed being able to work in a university lab and to expand on our chemistry knowledge. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the competition but it’s the taking part that counts!

Alana, Coco and Julina (SFC1)

RSC Analyst Competition Group 1