SFC Philosophy Talks

On Tuesday 27th November, three well-known professors came to talk to the CLC students about some very captivating philosophical topics, which have been debated over many thousands of years.

Professor Chappell introduced us to the complex Aristotelian ethics, which are relevant to our A Level Philosophy, and helped us to expand our knowledge about the concept. 

Second to speak was Professor Hobbs, who confronted us with Plato’s Euthyphro dilemma and posed the controversial question: ‘To be moral, should humans try to emulate God, or be the best person they can?’

After this talk, some students were asked to join small masterclasses with Professor Hobbs and Professor Chappell. The pupils were able to introduce counter-arguments to the Professors' suggestions and debate the subjects with them directly. This was a very intriguing session with many thoughtful questions asked, challenging the Professors on their answers.

Those who did not attend the masterclass listened to Dr Law’s lecture on peer pressure and social indoctrination. This talk expertly introduced more interesting ethical concepts about our education and social lives, which provoked challenging questions from the audience of students.

Ultimately, we were very lucky to host three intelligent, current philosophers and listen to their spectacular ideas which, although testing, were very coherently explained and understood by all.

Celia (SFC1)