Silver medal at European Girls’ Maths Olympiad

This year, Alevtina (SFC1) was once again selected to represent the UK at the annual European Girls’ Maths Olympiad (EGMO). This in itself is an incredible achievement, with only four girls selected from all school-age girls in the country. Alevtina was selected based on her fantastic performance in the BMO2 paper, where she gained one of the top 10 scores in the country, and impressed the selectors at the national training camp at Trinity College, Cambridge.

At the EGMO competition, held in Florence over the Easter holidays, Alevtina helped the UK team come 3rd out of 52 participating teams (2nd out of the 36 official European teams). She also earned a silver medal for her individual performance.

Mr Yip, Maths Teacher


I greatly enjoyed this year’s European Girls’ Maths Olympiad (EGMO), held in Florence, Italy.

Having had worries about whether or not I was going to be selected, I was really happy to represent the UK in this competition along with three other girls I met in previous years. One of the reasons why I always cherish my time at EGMO (besides the fact that it is a fun holiday) is the opportunity to interact with other young people who are into mathematics, and my teammates were no exception.

The most exciting part of EGMO 2018 was receiving a complex Rubik’s cube, as part of our starter packs in Italy. I was not able to solve it, but this prompted me to at least learn how to solve a normal one. I also received a silver medal, which meant a lot to me.

Finally, I discovered a parcel mailed from the team’s sponsor - MAN group - once I came back to school. It contained very many nice little presents, including another Rubik’s cube(!) and served as a well-appreciated reminder of how great EGMO was this year.”

Alevtina (SFC1)