Singing Prizes 2019

Students from every year group participated in this year’s Singing Prizes. 

We were delighted to welcome countertenor Tom Williams to adjudicate. 

During the two-day competition, 86 girls participated, performing over 150 songs between them. Students presented arias from operas and oratorios, art songs, folk songs, musical theatre numbers and jazz standards. There were also classes for duets and ensembles. 

It was a great celebration of all the hard work that goes on in the singing faculty every week. 

Mr O Parker, Head of Vocal Studies

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Sheila Cranshaw Memorial Prize (LC1 & LC2)

Winner Imogen
Highly Commended Isabella
Highly Commended Olivia
Highly Commended Anna
Highly Commended Nina

LC3 Singing Prize

Winner Hayley
Highly Commended Amaya
Highly Commended Millie

UC4 Singing Prize

Winner Annabelle
Highly Commended Sophie
Highly Commended Eilidh

UC5 Singing Prize

Winner Hannah
Highly Commended Georgina
Highly Commended Ella
Highly Commended Sydney

Edwina Hart Memorial Prize (SFC1 & SFC2)

Winner Anson
Winner, English Song Prize Kathy
Winner, Lieder Prize Charlotte
Winner, Early Music Prize Christabel
Winner, Musical Theatre Prize Alice
Winner, Aria Prize Symriti
Highly Commended Rachel
Highly Commended Alexia

Stephen Parham-Connolly Prize for Duets and Trios

Winners Anson and Charlotte
Highly Commended Tiana and Martha 

Janet Upton Vocal Ensembles Cup


Senior Music Scholars’ Vocal Ensemble

Symriti, Kiera, Ella, Charlotte, Kristy and Kathy