String Chamber and Gateaux Concert

On the evening of Tuesday 13th November, the String Chamber and Gateaux Concert took place in the Princess Hall. Seven string chamber groups performed works by Haydn, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Dvorak and Mendelssohn. Keeping the Cheltenham Holst connection alive, each ensemble has been named after the planets this year. 

Haydn quartets were played by the Pluto Quartet (Guinevere, Sophie, Kalilah, and Elizabeth) and the Venus Quartet (Naomi, Amy, Toru, and Souny). Both quartets performed with vitality and projection.

Vivaldi’s Concerto in B minor for four violins followed, played by the Neptune Violin Quartet (Kamsi, Mr Bailey, Ivy and Stephanie) and the Princess Hall provided a perfect acoustic for this magical work.

The Earth Quartet (Vanessa, Starr, Jasmine, and Kaitlin) and the Mars Piano Trio (Hannah, Maia, and Clarice) both performed works by Beethoven. A real depth of sound was present in these dramatic works and the haunting melodies were captured throughout.

We were then transported across the Atlantic with Dvorak’s American Quartet played by the Saturn Quartet (Preet, Rachel, Michelle, and Souny). The interweaving melodies between the parts is the main feature in this work and this was impressively achieved.

The concert rounded off with a spectacular performance of the 1st movement of the Mendelssohn Octet played by the Jupiter Octet (Hannah, Charmaine, Valerie, Jasmine, Valerie, Annabelle, Maia, and Alexia). This joyous work is one that all professional musicians want to play and the eight girls dazzled the audience with virtuosity and aplomb.

Pip Worn, our adjudicator for the following day’s String Prizes said after the concert, commented: “What a stunning evening of music-making. All the groups played with such commitment and conviction!”

A huge thank you to Mr Hawley, Mr Stacey and Mr Jones for their coaching of these groups. The gateaux, enjoyed by all in the after concert reception, were extremely well deserved! Thanks also go to the Catering Department for providing us with these refreshments.

Mr Bailey, Head of Strings