Talk by French journalist Tugdual Denis

On Thursday 21st September, a group of 33 SFC girls from both IB and A Level attended a talk by Tugdual Denis, a French journalist. 

Mr Denis has extensively covered French right-wing parties and is currently employed by Le Point, a French weekly political and news magazine. During the talk he spoke about the French political environment, particularly the rise of the Front National and the challenges of immigration. 

The event was held by Cheltenham College and students from other local schools, such as Pate’s Grammar School, Balcarras School, Dean Close, Cheltenham College, King’s Gloucester and Abingdon School, also attended.

After the talk, there was a question and answer session in which Denis gave commentary on a range of topics from ‘Frexit’ to Trump. Not only were the topics covered in the talk directly applicable to the French A Level course, they also increased our knowledge and interest about the society and politics of our neighbour across the Channel.

We would like to thank Mrs Dalet, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Ferré-Dyevre and Mr Couliou for organising the visit.

Ahina Ip (SFC2)