Talk by holocaust survivor Anna Rabkin

On Friday 9th March, the History Society had the great pleasure of welcoming Anna Rabkin into College. Anna grew up in Krakow, Poland, but she and her family found themselves having to flee both the communist invasion from the east and the Nazi invasion from the west.

Anna recounted her harrowing journey through the Lvov Ghetto, the separation from her parents and the two years she and her brother spent hiding with Catholic family friends. I found the talk extremely moving and deeply inspirational, as Anna talked about the hardship she survived and yet displayed such affection and warmth.

She also talked about the bond that she and her brother formed during their time in hiding and the way he took care of her and provided for her as best he could, which I found especially heart-warming.

As well as being extremely poignant, Anna’s talk really brought our IGCSE course to life. Anna’s story enabled us to see our topic of 'Life in Nazi Germany', in particular the impact of WWII, through different eyes. It enabled us to view it with a deeper understanding of the consequences that Nazi policies had on the ordinary people of Europe and the rest of the world.

Katie (UC5)